Online counselling

Counselling is a professional relationship process that unfolds between a counsellor (me) and their client (you). Through this therapeutic relationship, characterised by empathy and acceptance, you are facilitated to work towards creating a life that is more positive and satisfying for you: One where you feel more confident, empowered, resourceful, and growth-orientated.

As every one of us is unique so too is each counselling relationship.  Each person who comes to see me has their individualised counselling needs and while these can be quite diverse, they also tend to be predominantly concerned with the following:

  • Addressing and resolving specific problems, often related to self-esteem.
  • Making difficult and important life decisions.
  • Coping with crisis, developmental milestones, and life transitions.
  • Developing personal insights and enhancing self-knowledge.
  • Working through feelings that arise from past trauma and current life stressors.

Many of my clients also present with a variety of painful emotional experiences related to their relationships with others, and I assist with the processing of these feelings, working with each person to improve their relationship and intimacy skill-set.

Additionally, as I live in South Africa, with its beautiful cultural diversity, I endeavour to hold each of my client’s values and belief systems with uttermost respect, taking into account the extent and limits of their current personal resources, and trusting in their inherent capacity for self-determination.

Online counselling offers me and you an opportunity to meet using a video call that allows us to connect from wherever we are.  The benefits of this approach to counselling is that it grants us both the freedom to be almost anywhere in the world where there is good internet connection. For some, other benefits include the time and energy saved in driving to and from a session, the flexibility that it grants (I’ve had more than one session with a client who is sitting in their car due to time issues!), and the comfort of not having to leave home.  For others, accessing mental health practitioners in their geographical location is challenging and so online counselling gives them greater choice when looking for a counsellor who works for them. 

As the intensity of uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity associated with modern living increases, more and more people are turning to online therapy. This is likely to be because the need to meet face-to-face to lose its primacy when weighted up alongside the practicality that online sessions offer.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about any aspect of the process.​

Investment: R400/50 minute session or R2000/6 sessions