Relationship issues

Using my understanding of relationship Attachment Theory, I gently assist individuals with their unique relationship-related issues.  This includes guiding clients through the beginnings and endings of relationships, as well as supporting them in managing and transforming current relationship difficulties. 

Gender and sexuality

In a world that is beginning to welcome increasing fluidity and complexity regarding gender and sexuality, I assist clients in exploring their relationship to these aspects of themselves and how this impacts them in the world.  I also help clients who request guidance in their process of understanding the sexuality of their loved ones.

Self-esteem and motivation

Most of us struggle in some way with self-esteem and feeling that we are worthy or deserving of a life that brings us fulfilment. 

Using an Internal Family Systems model, I assist clients to create an improved relationship with themselves and the different parts that make up their personality

Grief and loss

In a society that struggles to be supportive of grief and the varied ways in which we each experience loss, I gently support individuals through the painful process of coming to terms with the absence of loved ones and longed for life encounters.

Crisis and trauma

Crisis and traumatic events that are outside of our control can happen to anyone.  I help clients to work through their experiences by listening with deep compassion and nonjudgement.  Through the creation of this safe space, clients are able to find meaning and regain their sense of control of their lives and inner world. 

Conflict ManagementSm

Conflict management

As humans, conflict is inevitable yet the skills for managing it are rarely, if ever, taught. I assist clients to grow in their ability to recognise, manage and de-escalate conflict so that an opportunity for interpersonal growth can be created.